New evidence of a program’s impact to strengthen the quality of father post-divorce parenting


This presentation will discuss the state of evidence of the relations between the quality of father parenting following divorce and children’s post-divorce adjustment. We will first discuss what we mean by “quality of parenting”. We will then discuss new evidence that the quality of father post-divorce parenting is associated with children’s well-being particularly when there is high levels of interparental conflict and low levels of father parenting time. Finally, we will discuss new evidence on the effects of an experimental study of a brief 10-session program to strengthen the quality of father-child relationship. The study will address two questions: Can the brief program strengthen the quality of father post-divorce parenting? What is the impact on children of strengthening the quality of farther parenting?


Dr. Irwin Sandler
Arizona State University, USA

Irwin Sandler is a Regents’ Professor Emeritus from the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University. He was the Director for over 25 years of a national center for research on the development and evaluation of programs to prevent problem outcomes for children following major family disruptions such as parental divorce. His work, along with his colleagues has demonstrated long term benefits of a brief parenting after divorce program to prevent depression and substance abuse of children up to 15 years later. His most recent work focuses on the effects of father parenting following divorce and of programs to strengthen the impact of divorced fathers on their children’s well-being. He is the author of over 200 scientific papers and is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Society for Prevention Research, and has served on scientific advisory boards and committees for the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute of Drug Abuse and the Institute of Medicine.

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