Shared parenting in Sweden (Where it’s a norm)


Health and wellbeing in Swedish 3-18 year olds in equal shared parenting arrangements

Equal shared parenting arrangements are common in the Nordic countries and the practice is further increasing. Our latest data collections imply that this is now the norm among separating parents. Since 2011 we have studied health and wellbeing in children in shared and single parenting arrangements and are now focusing on preschoolers. In our studies, children in shared parenting have been shown to have better health and wellbeing than those in single care arrangements. In this presentation I will discuss these findings in relation to the Swedish norms on parent gender equity and whether our results can be generalised to children in other countries. In particular our new findings on health and wellbeing among 3- 5 year olds will be elaborated.


Dr. Malin Bergström
Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Malin Bergström is a clinical child psychologist with 20 years experience of meeting separating parents. Malin has written several books about child development, attachment theory and parenting. Malin’s research focuses on children’s health and welfare in shared parenting arrangements. After having conducted mainly epidemiological studies on schoolaged children and adolescents, she is now particularly interested in studying preschool children. Together with the research group in the Elvis project she is keen on finding methods for studying infant’s health in shared parenting settings and to conduct longitudinal studies on children in different family types. Malin can be reached through [email protected]

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